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Brick Pointing
Tuck Pointing
Cold Roofs
Hot Roofs
Rubberized Roof
Brick Replacement
Masonry Work
Cement Work
Concrete Work
Window Lintels
Power Wash
Thorocoat (Waterproofing)
Thoroseal (Waterproofing)
Coping Stones
Parapet Wall
Fire Escape Work
Chimney Repair

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Brick Pointing New York

Call 917-337-2014 For A Free Estimate!

Serving New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester County!

If your building is dealing with wet spots and/or leaks. It is very likely your are in need of brick pointing. We are New York's top brick pointing company and have been in the business of brick pointing for over 25 years! We are licensed, insured and certified in New York. Customers are always entitled to a FREE ESTIMATE and the price is always NEGOTIABLE.

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In addition to having 25+ years of experience in the field, there are many more reasons you should choose Brick Pointing New York for all your restoration needs.